1st Philbex Davao


THE first-ever Philbex Davao’s resounding success surely left a lasting impression — paving the way for a bigger and bolder comeback this year!
With over two decades of unparalleled presence as the country’s leading exhibitions and events’ organizer, there appears to be nothing that could stop Worldbex Services International (WSI) from continuously breaking new grounds in pursuit of excellence.

Last year, WSI made history as it hosted the first-ever Philippine Building and Construction Exposition Davao or Philbex Davao 2014, which bannered the theme of “Connecting the World through Resilient Construction,” in support of raising awareness on the importance of resilient construction as well as the need to gear up for a more globally competitive economic landscape.

Gathering the region’s top companies and foreign companies alike, resulting in over 130 exhibitors and 240 booths, the Davao construction industry witnessed a first-of-its-kind high-grade exposition — thus attracting beyond 10,000 visitors in the span of the four-day trade show.

Patterned after WSI’s iconic Worldbex, which is hailed as the largest and most comprehensive building and construction exposition in the entire country and Philbex Cebu, Philbex Davao aspires to bridge the glaring gap in the region’s construction industry and serve as a platform to showcase the world-class potential of Davao.

As such, WSI envisions to expand the industry’s economic landscape and ultimately, to forge relationships and build meaningful partnerships within its various sectors to foster a unified and emboldened industry. The end goal, of course, is to catapult the Philippine economy by strengthening various industries of the nation.

Occupying a total of 4,480sqm of exhibition space, the exposition was an actualization of its vision as it presented a truly world-class trade show as evidenced by its extensive range of product presentations.

From building materials and equipment, interior design and renovation products, security and fire equipment, to topnotch services offered by both industry institutions and associations including architecture and interior design firms, mechanical and electrical engineering offices, information technologies and telecommunications provider, and construction promotion companies, the first-ever Philbex Davao proved to be a great success, with a 96 percent rate of satisfaction and 88 percent rate of show success.

Presented in partnership with associations such as the European Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association, Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, and the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Philbex Davao ran on a global scale, with foreign visitors from countries such as China and Singapore who likewise graced the trade show.

It isn’t a surprise that Philbex Davao’s roster of sponsors included some of the country’s top construction and building companies such as Boysen, Apo Roofs, Apo Floors, and Firely among many others.

As Engr. Jose Froilan Rigor of C.E. Realtor and Creba Chapter President exclaimed, “The event surely opened up more business opportunities in Davao City and Mindanao as local and international exhibitors from the construction and building industry converges… Thereby further boosting the already vibrant economy of the [region].” Indeed, his remarks prove how Philbex Davao successfully managed to materialize its goals and aims.
Echoing Engr. Rigor’s enthusiasm about Philbex Davao, Mindanao Chapter PIID President, Idr. Hazel Garces-Resari describes the trade show as a “true trend setter in providing a unique opportunity for construction businesses both large and small sized,” thus scaling new heights in the industry. Sharing the same sentiment, President of the IIEE Davao Chapter, Joseph Darren Claire Solicar believes that the event opened the industry to a broader perspective towards better opportunity as it sets the platform for industry professionals and exhibitors to engage in meaningful discussions apart from the impressive array of products and services which made everything accessible for the visitors.

Undoubtedly, Philbex Davao left an indelible mark in the region as it served as a gateway for both the local and international community to discover the potential of the Philippines through Davao. Seen as merely the beginning of something big to come in the region, WSI is more than excited to announce its comeback as it hosts the 2nd Philbex Davao on May 14 to 17, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

Headlining the theme of “Building Visions in the Realm of Asean Integration,” Philbex Davao will now channel its focus on shaping up the industry. The aim is to elevate standards to uncharted territories so as to raise the region’s economic prowess in light of the increasingly global economic landscape. Once more, the entire industry can expect an even bigger and bolder exhibition that will serve as the primary source of the latest industry innovations and topnotch services. Moreover, Philbex Davao 2015 will serve as a means to gain industry reports, a platform to witness live demonstrations, as well as a venue to network among local and international trade players.

On May 14 to 17, 2015, take part in WSI and the Davao construction industry’s plight for economic progress and global distinction. Be there as Philbex Davao 2015 builds vision out of the limitless potential of the region!

Article taken from: Philbex Davao: Making history (Sunstar Davao) | April 23, 2015
Photos taken from: Worldbex Facebook Page

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Once again, PHILBEX Davao proved triumphant in its feat to actualize its vision of a booming construction industry for the region.

With the continued patronage and support of the entire region, WSI is indebted to continue conceptualizing bigger and bolder trade expositions that not only aspire to entertain and excite but even more so, to generate much needed economic bustle to turn the region’s burgeoning potential into ceaseless economic and social development.