Why MICE in Davao?

8 indicators for a successful MICE in Davao


Open Door

Davao City is the gateway to the four provinces in Davao region. Its main airport, the Francisco Bangoy International Airport is one of the busiest and most accessible in the country connecting the city to key domestic and regional destinations.


Colorful Melting Pot

1.5 million people of diverse origins, cultural lineage and faith inhabit Davao City. This mix engenders peaceful co-existence that is very evident in its warm and hospitable people. The harmony allows traditions and cultures to flourish freely as seen in the city’ thriving arts, cuisine and celebrations. English, Tagalog and Cebuano are commonly used languages.


Islands to Highlands

Davao City opens to a gulf and rises to the highlands. This terrain provides it with picturesque landscapes and a wealth of other natural wonders. Its proximity to the mountains and coastlines make for many ecotourism activities and experiences for visitors.


Economic Powerhouse

Davao City is bustling. Its dynamic economy, human resources, infrastructure, favourable business environment, responsive local government and high quality of life make it a sought-after destination for trade, investment and leisure.
Due to these facets, Davao City is consistently cited by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center as one of the top metropolitan cities that has a business environment favourable to investors and by Asiaweek Magazine as one of Asia’s Top 20 Most Liveable Cities. Davao City is also named as one of the Top Ten Asian Cities of the Future by the Finance Direct Investment magazine of the Financial Times Group, based on investment opportunities and governance.



The city is home to a host of the country’s icons: the Mt. Apo, the “King of Philippine Mountains” and the country’s highest peak; Waling-waling, the “Queen of Orchids”; the Philippine Eagle, one of the world’s largest eagles and the country’s National Bird; Durian, the “King of Fruits”; and “Kadayawan”, the Philippines’ “Festival of Festivals” held every third week of August.



Located in a fertile, typhoon-free region, Davao City is famous for its products such as fruits like durian, pomelo, banana, mangosteen, lanzones, and rambutan. The city’s bountiful harvest enhances Davao’s positioning as the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines”.


Cosmopolitan, Safe and Green

Davao City is a top destination in the country. It has a very good range of accommodations, meeting facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, health and wellness centers that define modern living in a safe and green environment. The city boasts of having the world’s second best potable water as cited by the World Health Organization.
Moreover, the city has an effective emergency response program. The Davao Central 911 uses Emergency Computer Aided Dispatch (ECAD) that enables the authorities to locate distress calls and gives assistance to the citizens that need emergency resources of the government. And, the city has completed its computerized traffic signalization system anchored on securing public safety with a network of video cameras in intersections.



And most importantly, Davao City is a MICE destination all year round. Its excellent track record highlights the hosting of the Silver Edition of the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2006, MICE Conference2013, and the BIMP-EAGA & IMT-GT Trade Fair and Business Conference 2014.